The STC in a Nutshell

Student Technical Congress (STC)

What is the STC?

The „Student Technical Congress“ is a 3-day technical conference organized by the German Section of the SPE and their associated student chapters. The conference is primarily designed for students who are welcome to present their research.
It is connected with a mini job-fair catering to petroleum engineering , drilling engineering, geothermal energy and related geoscience students. Since the STC 2017 a pre-program on the day before was established, to gain scientific knowledge related to the host location or to participate in social events. The STC offers a unique networking opportunity both for students and industry representatives on a private and informative scale.

Therefore don't hesitate to participate in the STC 2020!

Why should you attend?

As a student:

  • To learn about upstream research done elsewhere.
  • To network with other students.
  • To learn about job opportunities.

As an industry-representative:

  • To meet Petroleum and Geoscience students close to graduation
  • To find out about the topics researched in academia



STC 2020 (Online)

After the great STC 2019 held in Aachen, we started to organise the Congress in Karlsruhe. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic the STC 2020 will be held online from the
4th of November to the 6th of November. The STC is organised by the German Section of SPE,  SPE Student Group Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, SPE Student Chapter RWTH Aachen University and SPE Student Chapter Clausthal University of Technology.

Date: 4th – 6th of November 2020

Location: Online

Sponsors 2020

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