This year we will offer a comprehensive additional Programm around the STC 2020


We will offer 


  • Mentors Corner

    (Thursday 11:00-11:40 & 14:00-15:20 CET) Booked out!

    The mentors' corner gives you the chance to ask experienced professionals career advice - either general ones in a small group discussion or privately 1:1

  • Career Workshop (CGG)

    (Tuesday 10:00-11:00 & 11:20-12:20 CET) Booked out!

    Writing applications for jobs or internships, preparing a proper resume (CV) or mastering a job interview is generally not included in the curriculum of university programs, but these skills are essential for a successful transition from academia to a professional career. During this unique workshop, representatives of CGG will offer a tailored career training for students to enhance their competence in self-presenting and in challenging job interview situations. You will also get the opportunity to take part in a group activity to develop the communication and team working skills that are essential for the future.

  • Virtual Excursion (Pfalzwerke geofuture)

    (Thursday 11:40-12:40 CET)

    In this event you will be receive a guided virtual tour through the geothermal power plant of Insheim by Pfalzwerke geofuture GmbH, who is a leader in the “Energiewende”(green energy transformation) in Rhineland-Palantine. You will be shown and explained the different parts of the power plant, utilizing various 360°-pictures at various locations throughout the plant. Pfalzwerke geofuture is looking forward to your participation in this virtual tour!

  • Short course "Geomechanics"

    (Tuesday 10:00-11:00 & 11:20-12:20 CET) Booked out!

    Natural hydrocarbon reservoirs, geothermal reservoirs but also artificial reservoirs formed by constructing dams across rivers as well as underground storages for gas in porous rock and in salt caverns face a variety of problems during the reservoir lifetime. A key role play the regional tectonic stresses and pore pressure and their  modifications by reservoir management activities (production, injection..). Induced seismicity as fault reactivation process in combination with subsidence has forced companies to reduce hydrocarbon production. Induced seismicity in case of hydropower reservoirs endangers population living downstream. The course provides an introduction and overview on geomechanics (including basics of elasticity and failure mechanics, borehole stresses). It will present how changes in stress and pore pressure affect reservoir compaction, field subsidence and fault integrity within the reservoirs but also in their vicinity.

  • CDC Session

    (Wednesday 10:00-11:20 & 16:00-17:00 CET)

    A CDC is a Creative Digital Canvas.
    It is a live moderated drawing board for a handful of simultaneous participants on a technical vision. You can express your creative ideas on how existing aspects of our industries may be enhanced with new technical or conceptual solutions.

  • Solutions lab: "Preventing destructive vibration in your BHA"

    (Tuesday 10:00-11:00 & 11:20-12:20 & 12:40-13:40 CET) Booked out!

    Downhole vibration management is one of the keys to successful drilling operations.  Drilling dynamics are a major challenge within the oil and gas industry and have been investigated in several research projects over many years. In the last 10 years, a previously unmeasurable vibration type was gaining more and more attention, helping to understand many downhole challenges a lot better.


  • SPE Chapter Roundtable

    (Thursday 18:20-20:40 CET)

    Our youth will hold together the society of the future and that is why personal meetings and exchange of our current student activists are essential today. During this International Round Table, representatives of all participating SPE Student Chapters will gather to present and discuss with high-pace their activities, achievements, challenges, and their creative solutions to each other and to exchange their ideas for future collaboration.

    If you want to accelerate your chapter this is a must-be for you!

    It is organized by the SPE student bodies from Aachen, Clausthal, Freiberg, and Karlsruhe.

    This event is open for SPE student chapter activists (officers) only. Official board members of SPE international and the German Section SPE are welcome.



    The seats are limited so register soon!

    More information will be available soon



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