Framework Program

This year we will offer a comprehensive additional program around the STC 2021.

Mentors Corner

Wednesday 09:30-10:30 & 14:15-15:15 CET

Thursday 09:30-10:30 & 16:15-17:15 CET

The mentors' corner gives you the chance to ask experienced professionals career advice - either general ones in a small group discussion or privately 1:1


Career Workshop (CGG)

Friday 10:00-11:30 CET

Writing applications for jobs or internships, preparing a proper resume (CV) or mastering a job interview is generally not included in the curriculum of university programs, but these skills are essential for a successful transition from academia to a professional career. During this unique workshop, representatives of CGG will offer a tailored career training for students to enhance their competence in self-presenting and in challenging job interview situations. You will also get the opportunity to take part in a group activity to develop the communication and team working skills that are essential for the future.


Geological Modeling & Reservoir Simulation Workshop by Rock Flow Dynamics (RFD) 

Friday 14:00-18:00 CET

In this interactive workshop, you will be taken through a large range of processes encompassing modelling and simulation for oil and gas fields. Together, we will learn to build a geological model from scratch, add dynamic properties to it, simulate it, history match it, and optimize forecast scenarios. The tool we will be using, tNavigator, offers an integrated solution from A to Z covering the traditionally separately modelled areas of structural modelling, petrophysics, property modelling, PVT, relative permeabilities, and other aspects of geology, reservoir engineering and production engineering. As such, the workshop will be interesting to students or recent graduates of any of these disciplines as well as those with industry experience who wish to delve into the integrated modelling capabilities of tNavigator. You will receive a dataset adapted from Equinor’s openly available Volve field dataset and follow and execute each step of the way on your own laptop if you wish to. All data and finished projects as well as workflows will also be provided in case of discrepancies in results at different stages of the workflow.

Download the necessary material here:


Virtual Excursion (Baker Hughes)

Friday 10:00-11:30 CET (subject to change)

The virtual tour will guide you through one of the technology centers of Baker Hughes as a major oilfield services provider. The Celle Technology Center is specialized in the development, manufacturing and supply of high-end directional drilling and logging-while-drilling equipment which is of particular relevance for geosteering and also geothermal well construction. The tour will highlight the large diversity of engineer activities that are needed to develop sophisticated technologies. Baker Hughes is looking forward to your participation in this virtual tour.


DEEP.KBB Workshop

Friday 13:00-15:00 CET

The aim of the workshop is to gain a better understanding of salt caverns and the influence of subsurface features from planning to abandonment. Therefore, we want to give an introduction into the geological and solution mining aspects for the safe and successful construction and operation of salt caverns. To understand the relevant structures and lithologies, the first part of the workshop will focus on the geological characteristics of salt bodies and the available tools for successful exploration and geological modelling. The second part will introduce the important aspects and techniques needed to construct and operate caverns by salt dissolution.

The workshop will take place on Microsoft Teams! Please klick here to enter.


The seats are limited so register soon!

More information will be available soon.


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